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Tips & Prevention.

Here you will find many ways to improve the quality of the environment for your tropical fish. And have a better understanding of fish keeping in general. We want to help make your hobby or business fun, not frustrating!

Below are links to few topics that make for a good foundation.

Pond and Aquarium Water Quality Tips

This is probably the most important aspect of fish keeping.

Many of the fish at your local pet stores come from different parts of the world, and therefore must be kept in the ideal environment to ensure success.

Make sure you have consulted with your local professional or pet shop owner before purchasing any tropical fish. Many fish such as Discus, require additives to their water to survive and remain healthy. The same goes for Koi, African Cichlids, Guppies, Livebearers, Gouramies, Tetras etc. Fish from different continents require different additives to re-produce the water conditions from the area where they came from. Most importantly, if you are using tap water, you need to get rid of the Chlorine and Chloramines. You also need to establish some nitrifying Bacteria, we suggest using Aqua Gold.

First of all, we recommend doubling up the filtration on your aquarium. So, if you have a 100 gallon tank, put enough filtration on it for a 200 gallon tank. This will cut down on water changes and ensure that you have enough biological filtration to handle the load of fish in your aquarium or pond.

Water Changes

You have to remember that a fish is swimming around in his own toilet, so good clean fresh water is important. On a double filtered tank, a 25% water change per week is sufficient. Usually, on most aquariums 25% per week is acceptable. The size of the water change depends on how many fish are in the tank, and also how much filtration you are using. Your water should be crystal clear, and you should not have any black or red algae in your tank. If this is the situation, you need to treat the tank or pond with Erythromycin.

Too many water changes can be bad because you will not give the biological bacteria enough time to become established. If you are keeping your aquarium or pond too clean, you are doing more harm than good. Not to mention the fact that if you are in there scrubbing, moving rocks around and constantly disturbing the tank, you will stress out the fish and cause them to become ill and eventually die.

Rule of thumb: Let nature take it's course!

Want to see your Koi or Goldfish breed in your pond?  Try letting it get pea soup green during the summer and leave it that way.  Come springtime you may have quite a surprise: hundreds of new baby fish!


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