We will try to add information here on a regular basis, when we do not have any projects going on.  We are very busy with all of the new strains of pathogens that are developing in the industry. 

Salt use on freshwater fish and Koi:  Ok, let us be clear folks, a salt "dip" is o.k. for parasites... but adding 50lbs. of salt to your koi pond is a bad thing.  Most people call us and their fish are bloated, pineconed, whirling and dying in droves.  The salt will poison your fish if used long term.  Just imagine if you were to start drinking saltwater, and ended up in the hospital with kidney problems and edema.  We have never salted our fish ever.  It does not help cure diseases.  Koi and goldfish are not brackish water fish either, so use some common sense here.  Salt will kill freshwater fish.

Ich has been a concern in both freshwater and marine aquaria lately.  Everyone must remember that those old Ich treatments i.e., Malachite Green, Formaldehyde & Copper do not work on the new strains.  Quinine Sulfate is the drug of choice.

The fish are not covered with white spots either, they have a heavy body slime that spreads up to their gills.  They may have a few, odd looking egg shaped beige spots on the lower body or gill area.  Many customers will diagnose their fish with columnaris by mistake, and use sulfa drugs on them with no success.

Dr. Gary and I are working on some new formulations, and some global issues right now that may give us some real good material to put up here for everyone, so I will try to keep updating things as they come along. Oh, and BTW... way too many rumors about KHV going around right now.  If your fish have sores on them, that doesn't mean they automatically have KHV.  It is more likely that they are suffering from a bacterial disorder (such as septicemia or pseudomonas) rather than having a virus.  Look at our photo's that we have in the Koi Disease section and notice the green mucous and film that is on the fish's eyes.  This will identify the KHV virus. 
Click here to view the photo's.

Gill flukes seem be the big problem these days with most fish.  The fish will hide or become reclusive, stop eating and display signs of flashing or jerking their heads from side to side.  You need to treat them with Praziquantel for 2 weeks, and then deal with any secondary infections that they might come down with.

Remember folks, when you are reading through this section... Marine fish diseases and freshwater fish diseases are different.  Many times they are also treated with different medications, so be careful.  If you are unsure of what to do in a particular situation, call us before you start medicating.


Best regards,

Dr. Brian G. Aukes; PhD, and the staff of National Fish Pharmaceuticals.

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