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We are open 9am to 3pm Monday thru Friday Eastern Standard Time, to assist you with your needs. We are closed on weekends and holidays.

FYI: Please do not call us and complain that you read some article found elsewhere on the internet that told you there was some kind of "miracle cure" for your fish.  There is no such thing as there are no miracle cures for us humans either.  Use some common sense here folks.  We offer a "professional" consultation line by the best in the industry.  Please respect the advise given, and do not take advantage of our Doctors as they work a very full schedule around here.  They will give you the best advise you can find anywhere in the fish industry.

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National Fish Pharmaceuticals
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Once medications leave our facility, there is no return accepted.  Due to drug alterations and FDA guidelines, we cannot accept returned material.  All purchases are final, and refunds for returned material will not be issued.

To find fish disease diagnosis information on the web:  Go to and click on "Images" in the upper left hand corner.  In the search box, type in the disease you are looking for, and click "Search".  You will find hundreds if not thousands of pages of information and images.

Remember not to use salt on your freshwater fish and Koi.  You will kill them after a few weeks or months.  Freshwater fish need freshwater!  Take them to the briny deep and they will not last long.  Our medications will not work if you are using high sodium levels in your water.  It is suggested to do several water changes to remove the sodium.  The sodium will shut down the fish's kidneys and kill them.  To successfully use antibiotics on Koi and Goldfish, the water temperatures must be elevated to 75-80 degrees fahrenheit.  Cold water treatments with antibiotics will not work, as the fish will not produce an immune response.

We offer the best free disease information on the web.  We have been in business since 1971.  We are in this business to save your fish.  Our techniques are proven.  Let us help you make the right choices, call today!





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