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Here you will find many ways to improve the quality of the environment for your tropical fish. And have a better understanding of fish keeping in general. We want to help make your hobby or business fun, not frustrating!

Below are links to few topics that make for a good foundation.

Feeding Your Fish



In an ornamental tropical fish tank or pond, we feel that you only need to feed your fish once a day. You should only feed them enough food so that it takes about 5 minutes to be eaten.

Any food that you see floating around in the aquarium or pond after a few minutes will start to contribute to high Ammonia levels. Remember, when Ammonia levels are high, it stresses out the fish and they will become ill.

 If you are breeding fish, you obviously must feed them more than once a day (we suggest 3 times a day) with the same principals used above.

Diet is very important. Certain African Cichlids can only eat an algal based diet, where other African Cichlids need to be fed a carnivorous diet. Discus also have special feeding needs and need a varied diet.

So... before you buy those fish, ask some questions about their diet. Be careful of any live food you may buy because it can carry disease causing parasites and cause problems in some cases. We suggest that if you are feeding live goldfish for example, that you keep them in a holding tank for one week before feeding them to your fish and use Fish Aquacide. Also feed them some Paracide-X to prevent any internal parasites that may be present.

When you overfeed, you may wake up the next morning and notice that your water is a hazy-white color. This is due to a Bacterial bloom that was caused by the Ammonia level rising in the water. Do a partial water change immediately and use Aqua Gold to re-establish your nitrifying bacterial bed.


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