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Here you will find many ways to improve the quality of the environment for your tropical fish. And have a better understanding of fish keeping in general. We want to help make your hobby or business fun, not frustrating!

Below are links to few topics that make for a good foundation.

Pond and Aquarium FiltrationFiltration



One of the most confusing things about setting up an aquarium is the fact that there are so many different products out there on the market. Some are good and some are bad. Here are a few manufacturers that we feel make quality products: Fluval®, Aqua Clear®, Top Fin®, Marine Land®, and there are many more that we will not list here. Use good judgment and remember that you get what you pay for. Most of the companies we have listed sell their products at your local pet shop. We like outside power filters because they are simple to use, and pretty much maintenance free for anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the load of fish you have in the tank.  If you are setting up an outdoor pond, please visit our friends, Koi USA Magazine at: http://www.koiusa.com and there you will find all of the resources you will need.

Setting up proper filtration

There are a couple of products you will need to set up a good aquarium or pond. You will need a de-chlorinator that removes Chlorine and Chloramines, and you will also need some biological Bacteria to start the nitrification cycle. We suggest that you use: Sodium Thiosulfate and Aqua Gold. You will not need any other products or chemicals to start your tank. Both the products we have mentioned work in freshwater, saltwater and also in outdoor ponds.

Another bit of good advise is... double up on your filtration if you have an aquarium or pond that is 50 gallons or more.  Meaning, if you have a 50 gallon aquarium, put a filter on it for a 100 gallon tank.  This will save you some water changes and maintenance in the long run.  It will also provide you with a vast amount of biological media for your nitrifying bacteria to grow on, which is so crucial in keeping ammonia levels down.  Also, the filters for the larger aquariums and ponds seem to be of better quality.

Maintenance of proper pond or aquarium filtration

The importance of maintenance is pretty self-explanatory. Like we mention in "Water Quality", it's a good idea to do partial water changes on a weekly basis.  But, as we mentioned above... if your aquarium or pond is over-filtered, you might be able to cut the water changes down to monthly, rather than weekly.

It is also important to add Aqua Gold periodically to ensure an established bed of facultative Bacteria in your filtration system. This bacteria will also re-establish a filtration system that has been damaged by medications and prevents disease by improving water quality and keeping Ammonia levels acceptable. Ammonia and Nitrites are the #1 cause of disease and death in aquarium and pond fish.



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