This disease is a severe gram-negative bacterial infection that starts out as small red spots, and soon develops into large ulceration's that eat their way through the fish. As the severity increases and the fish's immune system is being destroyed, multiple symptoms will start to appear. One of the diseases that is caused by Aeromonas bacteria is: Bacterial Hemorrhagic Septicemia (red streaking in fins and body, swelling, bloat, loss of scales, skin eaten away, abscessed ulceration's etc.)

We like to use a combination of Koi Fix For Food, and Nitrofuracin Green in the water to prevent a secondary fungal infection from developing on the ulceration's. You must use the Nitrofuracin Green with the Koi Fix to prevent any secondary bacterial or fungal infections from invading the sores. Saprolegnia fungus can act like a parasite, eating away at the sores.  Have you ever taken a dead fish out of the pond, and saw it covered with fungi?  Natures garbage disposal I call it, and this needs to be addressed promptly before it damages and scar's the fish.

If you can separate the infected fish early on and treat them in isolation tanks, you can prevent your whole pond from being infected in most cases. I like to bump up the temperature in the isolation tanks to 75-80° when possible. This will speed up the treatment. We have cured some severe cases of Aeromonas in two weeks with this method.

TREATMENT: It is important to raise water temps to 80 degrees fahrenheit for these products to be effective.

Koi Fix For Food

DOSAGE: 2 Tablespoons of Koi Fix For Food, for every 1 pound of koi pellets.

Mix the medication with approximately 2 ounces of water. Add 1 pound of koi pellets to a ziplok, or plastic bag, and pour the medication mixture over the feed. Seal the plastic bag and mix the pellets around so that they are evenly coated.  Let air dry on top of some newspaper outside if you can. 

Note: It is important that you do not use any heat element to dry the feed as it will destroy the medication. Use a fan to expedite the drying process if necessary. Feed the medicated feed to the fish once a day for two weeks. Do not feed any other food except for the medicated food during treatment time. You do not need oil or gelatin to get the medication to stick to the food. This is a waste of time, and it pollutes the water.


Nitrofuracin Green (for secondary infections)

50 grams of Nitrofuracin Green will treat 800 gallons of water 1 time.  Do this weekly for two weeks (treat once a week for 2 weeks).  A partial water change should be done between doses, around 25%.  Disregard the directions on the product label, as they are for aquariums and not large ponds.  Do not use a U.V. sterilizer with this product.  Turn it off during the treatment.

Also, remember to sterilize all of your pond equipment with bleach to prevent spreading the disease to any other tanks or ponds.

   Koi Fix For Food  Nitrofuracin Green



This is great stuff, no hype to it... it really works.  Ask our satisfied customers about it and they will tell you.  Please make sure your fish do not have parasites as well as the sores on them.  Gill flukes are a concern and the fish will jump, flash, rub on objects, or just hang out and look lethargic.  You need to add some De-Los to the mix if this is the case.

So, use De-Los in the water... along with the Nitrofuracin Green + Koi Fix For Food.  Within 2 weeks your fish will be healthier and healing.


Best regards,

Dr. Brian G. Aukes; PhD, and the staff of National Fish Pharmaceuticals.

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