Fish Q&A Section:  Using Antibiotics

There is much controversy when it comes to using antibiotics on tropical fish and Koi.  Applications are confusing, and everywhere you go for advice, someone is telling you something different.

To clear a few things up, we have created this section, so treatments with antibiotics are less confusing.

If you have purchased our products here at National Fish Pharmaceuticals, you will notice on the label that we tell you to use the product every 24 hours with a 25% water change before each treatment.  Then we instruct you to treat for 10 days.

However, if you have a body of water that is 100 gallons of water or larger, the antibiotics will stay effective much longer, and not dissipate out as quickly as say... a 10 gallon tank.  So instead of treating every 24 hours, we suggest treating every 3 days with a 25% water change before each treatment.  This will not only save you some water changes, but some money on medications also.

Rules of thumb: 

1).  Always use antibiotics for at least 10 days to prevent a resistant strain of bacteria from developing.

2).  Antibiotics may not be used as preventatives, or as a "dip".  You can create problems doing this.

3).  Never mix any antibiotics together without proper consultation.  Some antibiotics are not compatible when mixed, and the results can be fatal to your fish.

4).  If you are treating your water with antibiotics, do not feed your fish during the treatment time.  This may cause Ammonia levels to become toxic, and can go up to 30 days without eating anything and be perfectly fine.



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