Fish Q&A Section:  Eye Disorders


Q:  One of my fish's eyes is popped out to the side.

A:  This is called "Pop-Eye", and is caused by a gram-positive bacteria that affects the kidney.

Treatment:  Treat the fish with Erythromycin Powder for a ten day treatment.

Q:  Both of my fish's eyes are popped out to the side.

A:  These are the starting symptoms of Abdominal Dropsy.  Very few fish survive this condition.

Treatment:  Move the affected fish to an isolation tank and raise the temperature to 84-86 degrees fahrenheit.  Treat the fish with 1 dose of Gentamycin Sulfate Powder and leave the medication in the water for 7 days, with no water changes during treatment time.  When treatment is finished, add the carbon back to the filtration, and slowly lower the temperature back to normal over several days time.

Q:  My fish have a whitish film covering both eyes.

A:  This is a gram-negative bacterial infection and can be treated with a few different antibiotics.

Treatment:  For saltwater fish:  Kanamycin Sulfate Powder -or- Gentamycin Sulfate Powder.

For freshwater fish:  TMP Sulfa Powder -or- Gentamycin Sulfate Powder.

Q:  My fish have something small and white lodged inside the eye.

A:  Your fish are affected with an Eye Fluke.

Treatment:  Treat the fish with Praziquantel -or- De-Los.

Q:  One or both of my fish's eyes have fallen out.

A:  Your fish are affected with Tuberculosis.  Be careful because this disease is transferable to humans!  It is suggested to humanely sacrifice this fish.

Treatment:  This fish may be treated with a combination of Kanamycin, and Vitamin B-6.  This fish will have to be treated for 30 days minimum time.  It is suggested that you call: 520-298-7814 for a consultation before attempting to treat this fish.  The aquarium should be drained and sterilized.  All equipment should be sterilized also.

Q: My fish has redness and swelling around the eye.

A:  The fish may have had an injury to that eye from another aggressive species of fish, or an object in the aquarium or pond.  This injury will become infected with a gram negative bacteria such as Aeromonas or Pseudomonas.

Treatment:  The fish may be treated with Oxytetracycline  Powder -or- Oxolinic Acid Powder -or- Neomycin Sulfate Powder.



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